Successful English Learning for Children Looks Like…

Getting Lost in an English Adventure with the Funnest Dictionary in the World!!


Motivation is the Key to Learning English

One question many parents wonder about is…

How do I increase my child’s motivation to help them succeed in English?

The answer isn’t piling on more homework or just grinding out countless hours tapping things on a screen. That won’t help them reach their goal.

Do Your Kids Believe They Can Learn?

If their motivation isn’t growing they may question whether or not they can actually learn English.

And that fixed mindset, the belief that we’re either born smart or not, can make kids feel like all their hard work doesn’t matter. Like a heavy castle door slamming shut; separating them from achieving their goal.

What was once a mountain of motivation slips away like a shadow. Parents are left asking “Is my child’s English education the best it can be?”

The kingdom-building feature in The Gamerize Dictionary reminds them of their success: gained little by little through everyday effort. This helps learners to develop a growth mindset.


Parents Want Their Children to Succeed—Gain a Growth Mindset

We want our child’s education to be the best it can be. Moving them towards a growth mindset will crown them with a love of learning—carried throughout their lives. A growth mindset is simply the belief that with effort and practice their skills can improve.

Armed with a growth mindset, their motivation builds towards their goal.

Whether that goal includes:

  • Passing a mission critical exam so they’re on equal footing with their friends when its time to choose the best school
  • Using proper pronunciation so others understand them
  • Building confidence in English
  • Or something else…


Give your child their Kingdom Key to Unlock English Learning with Gamerize Dictionary!

Gamerize Dictionary gives your child the practice they need to build a solid study habit because it’s exciting and fun.

  • Give your child a digital study tool that automatically adjusts to their needs
  • Motivate them to defend their kingdom’s people and castles against exciting glowing monsters that are actually AI planned reviews in disguise
  • They bridge their learning gaps, striding over them with confidence through strategic reviews
  • Voice recognition designed specifically for children learning English helps them pronounce words correctly

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