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  • A carefully graded learner dictionary containing translations, images, example sentences and audio.
  • Simple interface allows teachers to put dictionary content into gamified learning sequences.
  • Spaced repetition system and AI guided reviews ensure learners will retain content learned.
  • Option to choose from four aims depending on your desired learning outcomes.
  • State of the art voice recognition allows for instant feedback on spoken accuracy.
  • Implementation of current theory on gamification and motivation to ensure learners stick to it.
  • Provides metrics on student progress to teachers and parents.

How Gamerize Works

Our Concept

Learning a language requires consistent effort and good study habits over a long period of time. Many Young Learners struggle to maintain motivation and don't have the study skills they require to accumulate the vocabulary and grammar they need. Based on theory and research on vocabulary acquisition as well as motivation and gamification, The Gamarize Dictionary offers students and teachers a powerful tool for increasing language knowledge in line with any syllabus, course or program.

Step 1

Make an 'adventure' by selecting words from the dictionary to make a custom word list or choosing a wordlist from the library of bundles.

Step 2

Choose from four learning aims. Spell the word, write the example sentence, say the word or say the example sentence.

Step 3

Assign the adventure to a student or a class.

Step 4

Let your students play your adventure at home or in class and build a kingdom with the rewards!

Why Gamerize?

Our Main Features

  • Customizable Multi-Staged Lessons
  • Extensive 10,000 Word* Learner Dictionary Arranged into Content Packs For Students
  • Content Adaptable to Any Learning Program
  • Fun and Motivating for students
  • Drill spelling, writing or speaking
  • Provides metrics on student performance
  • Spaced Repetition System**
  • AI created review session
  • Can be Used in Conjunction with Google Classrooms***

*The Dictionary will reach 10 000 entries by November 2021.
**System of scheduling review sessions at intervals that maximize retention.
***Integration with Google Classrooms will not be included in ver.1.0.

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Please download our app!

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