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Gamerize Dictionary

The Secret Ingredients for Success:

I had always been somewhat dissatisfied with the level of English our students were able to achieve in an hour of lessons once a week. Why were Japanese children so far behind children in other countries? The two factors that I was able to identify were: 1 – the amount of time using and practicing English and 2 – engagement.

It became our mission to find ways to increase the amount of time our students spent engaged in learning English.

Finally, in 2021, we decided to make The Gamerize Dictionary and the impact on our students has been profound.

Let me tell you about a couple of kids that have skyrocketed since starting Gamerize.
Haruka started studying English in grade one. By the end of grade two she had already studied and reviewed nearly 12,000 words and sentences on Gamerize. After just two years of studying English once a week she was speaking in full sentences. She could also read and write!

Rio had studied with us for two years but hadn’t made a lot of progress. He was too shy to ever speak in class and was always trying to hide behind his classmates. I really wanted to find the key to his motivation and confidence. Three months after introducing Gamerize, he did something that surprised me. He raised his hand in class and confidently answered a question! I was so excited for him.

— CEO Adam Kardos