Stand Out from the Competition: The 3 Advantages of Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

競合他社に差をつける: 差別化された指導の3つの利点

If you’re frustrated with trying to communicate with parents about their child’s progress in English and are looking to add a unique and personalized approach to English language learning in your business, join us for the Stand Out From the Competition: The 3 Advantages of Differentiated Instruction webinar.

In 60-minutes you’ll hear from English school owner Adam Kardos, founder of the Gamerize Dictionary, and Kayo Sato, ELT Portfolio Manager for the Asia region at Pearson, who will explore 3 advantages of differentiated instruction for your organization.

Kayo brings a wealth of experience in editorial and content development, sales, project management, localization, and business development. Adam has championed the creation of the Gamerize Dictionary after over a decade as a school owner, award winning curriculum developer and teacher/trainer.

Together, they’ll unpack 3 advantages of differentiated instruction and show you how to apply them practically in your business.


  • The importance of personalized learning for your business
  • How differentiated instruction can improve student outcomes and help parents understand their child’s progress
  • How meaningful English learning can impact the growth of your business

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your business and create a more meaningful learning experience for your students.

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The 3 Advantages of Differentiated Instruction for Businesses
Friday, May 19th at 3:00 p.m.
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